Thursday, November 20, 2014

The MackDaddy List

Front Exterior:
  1. Paint Brick & Trim (We are thinking DOVER WHITE like our last house)
  2. Paint Front Door (Also thinking STRATTON BLUE in a high gloss like our last house)
  3. Remove 2 trees to the right of the house (not shown, but they are dead and in danger of falling on our house or the neighbors)
  4. Freshen up flower beds, mulch & reseed grass
  5. Plant small symmetrical bushes under left two windows
  6. Replace Front Door Lantern (to the left of the front door) 

Front Entry: 
  1. Paint wall parallel and perpendicular to front door an almost black navy (like Naval or Caviar by Sherwin Williams OR a true Matte Black OR Wallpaper in a funky print)
  2. Remove current curtains and hang a new rod high and wide to make the window appear larger
  3. Install chandelier centered on the window (this will eventually be over our dining table)
  4. Install recessed lighting in entry and dining area for additional light
  5. Paint trim a glossy white (I would like to use the same trim color as our kitchen in the home by the creek)
  6. Paint walls in a warm neutral like Accessible Beige by SW

  1. Paint walls & trim
  2. Refinish Cabinets & Install New Hardware 
  3. Build in Refrigerator
  4. Build in Microwave with Pantry in the corner to the left of the sink
  5. Replace current countertops with granite or marble 
  6. Upgrade Faucet and Sink
  7. Upgrade Refrigerator 
  8. Replace Dishwasher
  9. Install new Backsplash (currently it is mirrored)
  10. Consider Installing Vent Hood directly over slide in range 
  11. Install proper lighting over sink
  12. Install proper lighting over bar countertop (I am obsessed with Hicks Pendants)
  13. Replace kitchen plant window with slider window and screen

Living Room:
  1. Paint Trim & Bookcase interior
  2. Paint Walls Accessible Beige or other neutral grey/greige color
  3. Install white wood blinds and curtains at the proper height
  4. Refinish exterior of fireplace with marble or tile
  5. Build out current bookcase (current shelves are flimsy and do not fit properly)
  6. Install Semi Flush-mount Light fixtures
  7. Mount TV
  8. Remove Curtains over French Doors

Master Bedroom: 
  1. Install double doors to master & paint
  2. Paint Trim a glossy white 
  3. Paint Ceiling a Matte White
  4. Paint Walls a Greige like BM's Rockport Grey, SW's Mega Greige or SW's Anonymous
  5. Install two matching chandeliers
  6. Install proper curtains for privacy
  7. Remove Large mirror at end of Master Suite
  8. Remove sconces & repair walls behind sconces or move to be on equal sides of bed
  9. Find artwork or mirror to hide electrical box
LONG TERM: Build in single door on the far end of the suite so there are only French Doors along the exterior wall. Move electrical box to a less conspicuous location. 

Master Bathroom: 
1. Paint Walls & Brick one color
2. Remove fold down Iron
3. Paint Trim

LONG TERM: Gut entire area from closet to bathroom and better use space to create a walk-in closet, laundry area, and large shower. 

Bedroom #2: Office
  1. Paint Walls a deep teal like BM's Teal or Galapagos Blue
  2. Remove current window hardware and replace with wood blinds & proper curtains for privacy
  3. Paint trim
  4. Replace light fixture

Bedroom #3: Guest Room
  1. Paint Walls
  2. Replace current blinds with wood blinds & proper curtains for privacy
  3. Paint trim
  4. Replace light fixture

Guest Bathroom: 
  1. Paint walls and trim
  2. Replace with double bowl sink vanity
  3. Remove current mirror and replace with mirror over each sink
  4. Install light fixtures over each mirror & remove current recessed lighting (there are four recessed lights in a row rather than any sort of fixture)
  5. Paint or replace wall & shower tile
  6. Paint floor tile grout a lighter color (currently brown)
  7. Replace shower head 

Back Deck: 
  1. Restain Deck
  2. Power-wash Brick walkway
  3. Drape bulb lights over porch area to improve ambiance
  4. Remove wooden box under plant window
  5. Freshen up flower beds, mulch & reseed grass
  6. Create storage area for outdoor cushions and hot tub supplies
  7. Remove current lawn decor to de-clutter space
  8. Invest in outdoor furniture - We are thinking a nice sectional to tuck in the corner and then a table that seats 12 on the brick walkway outside of the kitchen window. 
We are SO excited to be in this new home before the holidays. Of course, before any of the list can happen we have to pack up our home by the creek, say a tearful goodbye to our first HUGE undertaking in home renovation, and move our stuff just 3 miles down the road to Brookside.

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