Monday, March 9, 2015

Brookside Master Bedroom Plans

Now that we have doors to our Master Bedroom, it is a little bit easier to envision the space. We have already purchased the upholstered bed and the bedside tables. We have also painted the walls Sherwin Williams Anonymous. I am still debating on the color, but for now we are sticking with it. Here is a look at the other "base layers" (and sources) I have picked for our room:

1// Upholstered Bed. We were so excited to have a big master bedroom that we splurged on this gorgeous bed from Mitchell Gold Bob Williams right when we moved into our new home. We love having a king size bed and it makes for a great focal point in our large space.

2// Moroccan Souk Rug. This rug is ultra plush and will be great to put my feet on first thing in the morning. I have wanted this rug for like ever and now have the perfect spot for it. I also really like the geometric pattern and ethnic feel the rug gives the room. There are lots of places to buy souk rugs, but we are digging this one.

3// Semi Flush Fixtures. Our current lighting situation is an interesting one. Currently, there  are 4 sconces and 2 ceiling fans. The ceiling fans have no lighting so we are left with dim sconce light and the light from our current bedside table lamps (which I might add we are down to one table lamp after a certain kitty knocked one over). All that to say, our lighting situation is looking dim (hah!). We are currently on the hunt for fixtures similar to the ones shown. We need three light fixtures in a slightly larger size to provide adequate overhead lighting.

4//Ikea Trysil 3-Drawer Dressers. We stumbled on these during our last trip to IKEA. We really liked this option (and this one), but the price point was really eating into our budget. We decided to go for the low cost option (the look for less if you will). We like the metal legs, the clean lines, and the wood finish. We also found this Trysil Ikea Hack that we thought was a super creative way to add some brass to the look.

5// Fiddle Leaf Fig. The perfect way to add modern greenery to a room. I am still debating on buying a real or faux plant. My track record for keeping indoor plants alive is not so hot. Have any of you bought a fiddle leaf fig? What was the upkeep like? Easy to maintain? 

More to come as we pick out bedding, chairs, upholstery, pillows and lamps to complete the look of the master. What type of bedding and decor would you choose to go with this current look?

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