Monday, January 12, 2015

10 things I learned on my Trip to IKEA.

  1. Make a list, Check it twice. Once you enter the madness of the Ikea store, your brain goes into stimulation overload and everything you thought you knew you wanted is usurped by everything you think you need now that you are in the store. Creating a list keeps you focused. Their website also has a great link for creating shopping lists.
  2. Go with one objective. When we went to Ikea, I had half-way planned out our office and so in the midst of searching for stuff for our Master Bedroom, which I had truly nailed down, I was distracted and constantly saying "well that could go in the office" or "we could do this." There are so many options once you are in the store, so I quickly felt overwhelmed when I was trying to decorate the office without true plans and a clear objective. After realizing that, we went back to our list (see #1) and focused solely on the Master Bedroom which I had completely planned for. 
  3. Hydrate.
  4. Expect a crowd. Wading through the masses is just part of the Ikea experience. Our second trip to Ikea was much more enjoyable because we knew what to expect.
  5. Research before you go. There are lots of parts and pieces to achieve a higher end look of Ikea furniture. If you are looking at an Ikea hack, make sure you research all the parts and pieces necessary to get that look and add it to your list. Here are some of my favorite IKEA hacks here and here.
  6. Bring a tape measure. I say this all this time but if you are buying a sofa, rug, window treatment, etc measure the area in your home before you go, write those numbers down, and bring those measurements with you. Make sure you know exactly what you need. In such a large store, stuff looks bigger/smaller than it actually is. Once you are in the store, check the measurements against those of your home. 
  7. Make a day of it. The store is huge and you will definitely want time to think through your purchases, and find all the parts and pieces you need to create the look you want. This is not a get in and get out type of store (ladies, prepare your husbands appropriately)
  8. Check sizes. I got ALL the way to the register to find that I had two different length curtains in my bag. Needless to stay I had to make my way back through the Ikea maze again to get the correct size. 
  9. Become an Ikea Family member. Its totally free, there is a kiosk in the front where you can sign up, and you save money on select items throughout the store. For instance, we found a large floor mirror that was $20 cheaper with the Ikea Family discount right when we walked in the store. 
  10. Have fun!!

Nashville Friends,
BEST NEWS EVER: Memphis is getting an IKEA

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