Thursday, July 4, 2013

Honey Do: The Bed & Bath To Do List

This is where the home remodel gets real! 
We are ditching the old bathrooms,
 and creating a Master Suite for ourselves, 
but to be really impressed you'll need to see what it looks like now.

First up, the all important BLUE hallway bathroom! 

Nothing a little demolition won't take care of!

Bathroom #2 (& current Master Bath): Built for Tiny Tim

The Plan: 
  • Demo BLUE & TINY!
  • expand current white bathroom into a more spacious guest bath, accessible from the hallway
  • create an en suite Master Bathroom with two vanities, and a luxurious shower

Here is some forward thinking...

Future Master Bathroom (minus the just won't fit!)

Inspiring look for the Guest Bath

Let's wander down the hallway to our sleeping rooms.... 
this hallway will also get doused with Revere Pewter & updated with a new fixture

Bedroom #1: 
The Green Room AKA The Back Bedroom 
i.e. Future Master Bathroom

Here is what I am thinking...

To Do:
  • Create a doorway between Master Bedroom & Green Room
  • Turn Half of Green Room into the Master Bathroom by adding drywall, appropriate plumbing, shower, two vanities, and tile
  • Turn other Half of the green room into the third bedroom....the other part of this bedroom will be where the current BLUE bathroom is  

The FUTURE Master Bedroom (makes me just peach-y!) 

 To Do:
  • Reverse Closet: Drywall work & Closet door installation
  • New fixture
  • Paint walls & Trim. I am thinking a calming blue/green color like this: 

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

Bedroom #3: Purple Haze

To Do:
  • Paint walls & Trim. 
  • Replace Fixtures
  • Replace Closet Doors & add shelving inside closet 
  • Drywall space where current entry to TINY bathroom currently is (the new guest bathroom will be accessible from the hallway)

Happy 4th of July everyone!
More to come on the exterior and landscaping to do's soon.
We move into our home by the creek next week... 
wish us luck!

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