Monday, December 23, 2013

Moving Our Master Bedroom

We have lived in our home by the creek for a total of  175 days. In that time we have completed a lot of small [but necessary] tasks like dismantling the loft and making a window screen; as well as the ONE BIG task of renovating our entire kitchen. To say the least, a LOT has changed. One thing I have come to find is that our house is always in flux. Moving furniture from one room to the next, thinking of new ideas and ways to improve our space, and learning how we use each room has this place constantly changing to meet our needs. The Master Bedroom has fluctuated the most of all the rooms in the house. 

We first settled on the front bedroom, which originally was a peachy color. 

We thought we would reside in the peachy bedroom and expand into this green room to make a en-suite bathroom. Upon further evaluation, this idea was not practical.

Then, on move in day (more on that here) we decided to make this room our office. 

We continued to expand on the "office" idea for this room for awhile...

Until we painted the room off the kitchen....

Without the purple paint, this room became MUCH more appealing. 

This satisfied us for a mere 30 days before we were on the move again...this time, to our final location!

 And here we have landed, in the potential bathroom, turned office, turned bedroom. Ironically, this is the ONLY room we have not painted or done any type of updating. BUT, it is the coziest room in the house. It has a gorgeous view of the creek and two beautiful windows with lots of natural light. Because it is in the far corner of the house, it provides quiet and privacy too! We have loved being tucked away in our "new" master suite.

I am MOST excited about the blank slate to decorate in this room. We are in the midst of choosing a wall color and fabrics. When we were residing in the room off the kitchen, I created this mood board which is still in the running for our design scheme.  The jury is still out on what the final look will be, but we are excited to reveal it to y'all when we decide!

Have you guys ever changed a room what felt like a bazillion times before you got it right? 
We'd LOVE to hear about your experience. 

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