Thursday, August 22, 2013

Removing the Loft from the Garage (& a To Do List Update)

When we bought our current house,
there were a few things that we knew we would have to get to immediately. 
The loft is one of those things. 
Nailed to the ceiling by two 2x4's, this architectural masterpiece is quite the hazard 
(and was causing the garage roof to bow!)

So for Ty's first weekend project, he dismantled the loft! First, he removed all of the railings 

Then he went work on removing the flooring & the stairs (while still standing atop the loft, mind you).

After that, he was able to pull the remaining structure down from the ground (much to my relief!) As for all that lumber, we posted it on Craigslist FOR FREE and had it all hauled away before we came home from work the next day.

Most importantly, Ty's first child, Mary Lee now has a home...

You are welcome, Mary Lee!

More to-do's to cross off...

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