Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Interior Decorating: It's All in the Details

Detailing is my favorite part of any project. I generally CAN'T WAIT until the end when we get to clean up and make everything look pretty and new! This home is certainly teaching me to enjoy the process it takes to get there, but today I had a little instant grat when I revamped the guest room. If you remember, the guest room/third bedroom/study/whatever you want to call it started out like so...

After unpacking, we were able to give the room a face and a function by placing the desk in front of the window to our pretty backyard. The room was still lacking the "feel" I was going for. 

Here are a few things I envisioned...
1. The desk in the center of the room.
2. A usable work space that was pretty & functional
3. Painted a calming color (we don't get that far in this post!)

Here are a few rooms that inspired me...

and HERE is the FINISHED PRODUCT! #love

 I am excited to pick a paint color and complete the project.... I am thinking Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. What are your favorite colors for a room?

We are STILL trying to come up with a FINAL PLAN for our house. 
We have had two contractors out in the last week or so to discuss adding on to the house (a master bath, walk-in closet, & laundry area). We are also pricing out just revamping the interior bathrooms. Many decisions to make! Look for a TO DO list update soon too! Meanwhile, we have been painting EVERY ROOM....only two left to go. (preview here)

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