Friday, August 16, 2013

Picking the the Perfect Carpet to Bind into a Rug

Here is a peak at what I am up to today!      
                    Carpet mania!!!!!

Went to the carpet factory today to look into having a carpet remnant bound into a rug. We need a really large rug for our living space, 13x9, so this is the most cost efficient route for us. Check out what I FINALLY narrowed it down to...

1 & 3 are the same pattern. They are the most expensive of the 4 as they are 100% wool. 2 is a sisal rug, and 4 is a very low pile rug. Which would you choose?

I am taking the samples home to see what the colors look like in our  light, and to finish pricing everything out. Here is a look at out amazing Craigslist find: a beautiful linen couch. All that's missing is the rug!

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