Thursday, August 14, 2008

Painting Preview

Feeling gray? Unable to make a color choice? Questioning your ability to make any decisions at all? 
This is how I felt by the time we selected a color for the house. I had no idea how difficult it would be to pick colors for the interior rooms. Picking a color for a solitary room like a bedroom is one thing, 
but picking a color scheme for the entire house was quite a challenge. 
Collonade Gray, Mindful Gray, Morning Mist, & Accessible Beige all made the final cut. Deciding among the four was the most difficult. We ended up coming back to one of our first selections: 
MINDFUL GRAY by Sherwin Williams.

Stared at these four splotches for days..... nearly.went.crazy.
(right side) Top left: Mindful Gray, Top right: Collanade Gray
Bottom Left: Morning Mist Bottom Right: Accessible Beige
I could tell you more details... like how accessible beige is brown in the sunroom but gray in the living room, or how collonade gray turned the color of my grandfather's silver hair in the evening...
but I won't bore you with my craziness.

We decided to paint the living room, entryway, hall, and dining room this cool and relaxing color. 
By the time we finished the living room, we were loving it! 
I feel like I am in whole new home wrapped in this luxurious gray! 

We will have more pictures of the finished product up soon! So excited to share all the painting we have been doing. It is amazing to see how a can of paint can completely change the look of a home.

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