Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Make a Custom Window Screen

We all Screen for a Window Screen! Ty made a window screen for the kitchen window this week. It is absolutely wonderful for letting the fall breeze (hah ok, more like snow these past few days) inside... not to mention, keeping the bugs outside and my precious kittens inside. We found this Window Screen Kit at Lowes for around $15, and it was money well spent.

First, Ty measured the window. 

Then, he used a hack saw to cut the metal frame for the screen. After cutting the frame he attached the each piece of the frame using these plastic elbows found in the kit.

We did a test run to make sure the frame was the correct size.

Next, he laid the screen over the frame and cut a piece much larger than the frame.

He used a special roller tool to roll the screen into the frame to secure the screen into the frame.

Finished Product:

We have been tackling these little projects over the last few weeks, while getting our kitchen ready for the FINAL BIG HUGE SPECTACULAR REVEAL! We can't wait to show you all that we've been doing, and to share our joy with you as we unveil our gorgeous new kitchen.

Have a great week!

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