Friday, December 27, 2013

Creating a Coat Rack

I'm Hooked.... well our coats are at least. 
We made a small but incredibly helpful addition to the room off the kitchen this week: A coat hook!
We found this old piece of wood in a pile of remnants from Ty's parents home which was built in the 1920s. Being sentimental (and thrifty) we made it into a shelf. If you remember seeing this previously, you have! We used it in the guest room at the Sloan Road House to display wedding photos in the guest room. See the original Sentimental Shelf Here!

I have wanted to use it again in our new home, but hadn't found the perfect place for it yet...until now! 
The shelf is a little too long for the space, but it is the perfect width to cover this GIANT hole (and the ridiculous number of face plates. Wood paneling doesn't lend itself to patching unfortunately.... 
and we are in need of a place to put our coats!

So I purchased three oil rubbed bronze hooks from Target for a total of $10. 

Then, I dismantled the top of the shelf from the bottom and used a skill saw to cut each piece to the appropriate size. I wish I had a picture of this but power tools and selfies are like texting and driving.. .just dumb. After I cut the pieces I found the center of the shelf, and placed my first hook. Next I measured equal distances on each side of the center hook, and screwed on the next two hooks.

I used brackets to place it on the wall so that the shelf remained flush and sturdy for all those winter coats.
And here is our finished product, just in time for the first cold snap!

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