Friday, July 11, 2014

Painting the Master Bedroom Stratton Blue & Moving the Bed

Last time you guys saw our master bedroom, you were voting on which direction for color we should go. The winner = Shades of Grey. AND THEN - I had a lightening bulb moment and decide to reverse our bedroom entirely. The room reversal changed the feel of the room so much that I was finally able to gain some momentum from a decorating standpoint. I was still dreading painting the room again (probably because we have painted our entire house inside and out in the last 11 months!) but with the direction change in the room, I loved the color again. In addition to changing the layout, we...

1. Moved one dresser into the entryway and replaced with the appropriate sized end table.
2. Accessorized - added one bed pillow, a side chair and pillow, hanged picture frames, added decorative vases and a floral arrangement
3. Curtain Install

Here's where we started (more on that here too!)....

And here is where we are at 90% complete...

So what's the 10% left?
1. Fill Picture Frames - 
still working on WHAT to put in these. I am thinking a black and white mix of places Ty and I have been.
2. New lamp for Ty's side of the bed 
3. Rug (I feel like this will not happen until the winter when our feet are cold!)

Have you guys finally finished a project that you started months ago?! Feels so good!

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  1. It looks wonderful. I love the Frames. I am currently painting my guest room Stratton Blue. Janet @ Cul-de-Sac


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