Friday, April 25, 2014

Living in the "It" City

As you may have read in Part 1 of the GREAT Shift for SPL, we want to incorporate our LARGER journey to home ownership into the blog...and most importantly, bring you along in the journey. It is often hard to stay motivated when looking down the long road to home ownership....
so we thought, why not have some accountibility?! We are not called to walk down hard roads alone.

Now, lets talk about Nashville.

Living in the "It" City of the moment has its perks (don't mean to brag, but I am pretty dang pumped about this news).  New companies, new restaurants, and new shops mean new jobs. There is a constant in-flux of new people. And Real Estate is BOOMING. Houses are selling in record time in the city of Nashville. Take our condo for instance, it sold in less than 48 hours. Most homes in this area of Sylvan Park do the same....with multiple offers and above asking price bids. It is a seller's paradise.


When we saw that homes in our area were selling in record time and for record prices, we knew that a door had opened for us. Although we had not reached our goal of paying off our mortgage, we did know that the condo market can be volatile and wanted to capitalize on this rare opportunity to sell at a high price in a hot market. 

Begin: Dreaming

Knowing that we could sell our home for profit gave us the freedom to explore some of our other dreams: 
like gutting and renovating an entire home. We had already had fun accomplishing some smaller DIY tasks in the condo, and this seemed like a great opportunity to take that dream one step further. So we listed our condo, and began searching for a home that needed "updating." 

At the end of July 2013, we moved into our home by the creek. We were able to make a 20% down payment, and put the rest of the profit from the condo toward the renovations for house (like the kitchen overhaul). We are very thankful that the opportunity to live in a home came sooner than expected. 

Where are you on your journey to financial freedom? 
Paying off debt? Buying your first home? Mid-way through paying off your first home? Saving for a down payment? Wherever you are, we want to meet you there. 

Feel free to email us at us with questions or comment in the section below! 
Let's do this together. 

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