Monday, April 28, 2014

We Don't Actually Live in Sylvan Park...and other confessions

Confession #1: We Don't Actually Live in Sylvan Park

This has been a much debated topic of interest. I even had a co-worker say there was a heated debate in the middle of the PICU, and she just knew I lived in Sylvan Park and had defended me to the nth degree. 
I let her down gently. We no longer live in our beloved Sylvan Park. We still met and fell in love in Sylvan Park. We still climb at our favorite climbing gym in SP. We still have quite a few friends in the neighborhood. We still plan to move back there one day - hopefully to live in what I like to call our "house-house" (aka forever home). BUT when we sold the condo in 48 hours and had to go-a-searching for a house, we liked this one best and it was still in our top 3 areas to live - just right outside Sylvan Park. 
Phew, got that off my chest.

Confession #2
We no longer live in a grey house. Some may say we live in the White House. 
You can decide.

When we last left you with the exterior, we had begun to prep and repair the exterior of the house. By December, the job still wasn't done and we decided to cut our losses and hire professionals. Have y'all ever encountered a job that was just too big to tackle on your own? Like you'd finish one part and the project just seems to go on and on and on?!? 

While I was on a trip to Miami, Ty had them come out and paint the entire house Dover White. (Yes, surrender is sometimes necessary, and you can't always do-it-yourself. Lesson learned.)
I came home to a snowy Nashville and a freshly painted house!

That was the last time we stepped outdoors...until now! 
Well that may be a little bit of an exaggeration BUT this beautiful spring weather is the perfect time to reveal our newly painted white house of a home during the springtime. 

We have lots more spring projects and confessions to share with you so check back for more.

And don't miss Wednesday's Mid-week Must-have list!

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