Monday, October 14, 2013

Repairing & Painting the Front Door

Here is our front porch. It is shabby, but not so chic. You are getting a little exterior painting preview here, too! While Ty's parents were in town we tackled the front porch. Here is HOW we refinished the front door. 


1. We removed the front door to prepare for sanding.
2. Ty's dad went to work with the electric sander. 

3. After sanding through dark green, red, cream, and white paint -
He used Bondo All Purpose Putty to seal the crack in the door frame 
(you could literally see the sun setting through the door in the evenings).

4. Once the bondo dried, he sanded the door again. 

5. Time to Prime & Paint! I used Porter Paints Primer & Sealer for the first layer, then I used 
Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue tinted in Sherwin Williams Super Pain in Satin. 

Three coats later...

6. Re-install the original door hardware

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