Monday, November 25, 2013

Kitchen Renovation: Cabinet & Appliance Install

KITCHEN CABINETS & the wonderful men from Lowe's who installed them FOR US! 
This was absolutely the most luxurious day for me. After prepping and tiling for a solid week, Monday came & I watched Olivia Pope cure White House Scandal's on TV while this wonderful crew made the kitchen functional again. 





Once the crew left, Ty installed the appliances while I stocked the cabinets.
We are so HAPPY with how it all turned out.

Our beautiful kitchen... AT LAST!

The BIG REVEAL is coming soon!

Here is what's left TO DO in the kitchen:
1. install granite countertops
2. install sink and hardware
3. paint trim
4. install molding and baseboards
5. install transition between hardwoods and tile
6. purchase kitchen island
7. repair ceiling around both light fixtures
8. repair, sand, and paint small wall

Missed our kitchen reveal from start to finish?
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Can't Wait: The Kitchen Final Reveal


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