Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kitchen Renovation: Demolition & a To Do List

Kitchen Demo Day has finally arrived. We have QUITE A FEW things to get done before the cabinets can be installed next week, so of course we have a list to get us started. 

Here is our day in pictures.

I have to pause here to say, taking down the wall turned out to be a bigger project than we'd hoped. The entire wall had electrical wiring for various parts of the kitchen. Not to mention, removing the wall revealed just one more type of flooring for us to cover up!

48 hours later... the cabinets, flooring, & wall are demolished. 
On to the next...ceiling paint & wall prep! 

One step closer to having a new kitchen! In the meantime, we have set up a temporary kitchen for us to use for the next week or so until the cabinets are installed.

Check back next week to see our new kitchen floors! 

Can't wait for the kitchen reveal?
Click here: The Kitchen Final Reveal

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  1. Have you guys ever encountered a project that felt larger than life once you started!? We want to here about it! Post your comments here.


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