Monday, November 4, 2013

Update: A High End Look for our Dining Room on a Budget

If you remember from a few weeks back, in our Dining Room's Look for Less post, we were 80% complete! 
Well, I am proud to say that our Look for Less is COMPLETE. 
100% Done! Now that's progress. 
But before I reveal the final look, we'll go back to where it all began (play sentimental music here)...

Pre-house Purchase
Move-in Day
Wallpaper Removal

Post-Farmhouse Table Purchase & Painted Walls!

If you remember from the Look for Less post, our last project to complete was the parson's chairs. We found white parsons chairs on craiglist for $40. Since we are not using a rug in our space like in the Designer Dining Room, we were going to add some texture and pattern by making Ikat fabric slipcovers for the parson's chairs like these from Ballards...

The total cost for the Ballard slipcovers is $474 which does not even include the cost of the chairs!  so my plan was to purchase a similar  fabric for around $20/yard and sew these with the help of my mom for a total of around $250 for the slipcovers. AND THEN, I stumbled upon the greatest gift of a website...

This place is AMAZING, and their pricing is even better. For $350 I was able to purchase, two NEW (meaning they don't sink in the center like my craigslist ones!) high quality parsons chairs upholstered in Grey Ikat fabric. That is half the price of the ones from Ballard, and they were delivered to my door in LESS THAN A WEEK. 

And now, for the FINAL REVEAL (drum roll please)......


So, what does the total look for less (officially), look like?

Designer Dining Room             Dilbeck Dining Room
Farmhouse Table                                          $1,600 $280
Light Fixture $559.90 $142.78
Accessories $254 $40
Upholstered End Chairs $1,050 $358
Bench  $250              (included in Table price)
Slat-Back Chairs $400              (included in Table price)
GRAND TOTAL = $4,114 $820.78


DINING ROOM: 100% Complete


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