Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kitchen Renovation: Tiling the Kitchen Floor Part 3

It's been a long three days, and its finally time to finish up this kitchen flooring. Our Galvano Charcoal tile gave us a run for our money 24 hours after drying. Like I mentioned in Part 1 of this kitchen tiling series, we were misinformed about the size trowel we needed to lay thinset. Turns out, our trowel was 1/4" too small. The result....loose tiles! When we walked across the tiles for the first time, some were not even stuck to the floor!! How embarrassing!! (and disappointing). So, we pulled up the loose tiles (16 in all), scraped the dry thinset off the ground, remixed the thinset, and relayed the tiles appropriately with a 1/2" trowel.....

Grouting has to be the easier piece of tiling, or at least it was for us. We used a premixed grout from Lowes called TEC Sanded Premixed Grout in Delorean Gray (a lighter gray grout that contrasts well with the charcoal tile) and were able to grout the entire room in about 3 hours. I used a floater and worked the grout into the joints, while my mom and Ty cleaned each tile.

Half-way there! Ty had to run to the store last minute for one more bucket of grout. 

The final stretch! 

The kitchen is ready for cabinet installation, just in the nick of time.

Speaking of time...

Grouting: 3 hours
Laying Tile: 8 hours
Laying Hardibacker: 5 hours
Cutting & Placing Hardibacker: 6 hours
Replacing Loose Tiles: 4 hours

Praise the Lord, the tile is complete!


  1. Sorry if I've missed this somewhere, but do you remember what color grout you guys used? We've decided on that same tile and are trying to decide on the perfect shade. Your kitchen looks great! Nice work!

    1. Hey Kat! Thanks for following. I am glad you pointed that out. I never did say which grout we used! It was a premixed solution from Lowes called TEC Delorean Gray Sanded Premixed Grout. I would use it again to. Super easy application and no mixing! Good luck with your project.


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