Monday, February 16, 2015

The Perfect Shoe Storage Solution

When we moved into our new home, I was unsure of how to use the open shelving that leads from our bedroom down the small hallway to our ensuite bathroom. Orginally I thought I would use it for linens, but then quickly discovered that I had enough room in the laundry room for all of those. Then I thought I would store my clothes on the open shelves and put Ty's clothes in the closet. Truth be told, these open shelves have instead become a disorganized dumping ground for extra clothes and anything else since we moved in. Previously, our shoes were stowed on expandable plastic shelving in our closet. There was not room for all of our shoes on the shelving so more often than not our shoes would be strewn across the floor, keeping the bifold doors from closing. When I ran across this photo last week, I knew it was our shoe solution too! 

So this weekend, I decided to give our shelves a mini-makeover and turn them into the perfect shoe storage solution. First I cleared the shelves of all items and gave the shelves a good dusting. Then, I adjusted the shelves to the proper height for boots, heels, and flats. Lastly, I placed the shoes on the newly cleaned shelves, and added a basket to house and hide our most casual slip ons. We are loving the results! Our closet floor is clear and our shoes are now in sight and easy to access.

I am excited to see how this shoe storage solution works out. So far, I love being able to see all of my shoes at a glance. I also like that these shelves are no longer a dumping ground for junk and are serving a purpose. I also really like that I can store my out of season shoes and dressy shoes at the top where I can still see and easily access them. Do you have a creative way that you organize and stow your shoes? I would love to hear your shoe storage solutions too.

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