Thursday, January 29, 2015

Turning a Mirror into a Headboard

The office has been more of a storage room for the first couple of months in our new home. With the change in my job hours to nightshift, we bumped this room up on the list of to dos. This room will now serve the dual purpose of office & nightshift sleeping room. I am excited to have a cozy little nook to doze in during the day.

The walls are now painted a neutral grey rather than bright green. Last weekend we added roll down blackout shades and a light fixture that actually works. We finally sifted through and sold most of our excess furniture via Craigslist. And this weekend we readied the bed for all of my daytime sleeping by turning a mirror into a headboard (oh, and Ty's deer also found his place).

In our first house, this mirror was the perfect addition to our hallway. During Christmastime, we even used it to display all of our Christmas cards. In the second house, it was a great floor length mirror in our guest room. And in this house we are re-purposing it for a headboard.

The mirror already had the proper brackets in place which made this project super easy. I tied picture wire to the the brackets and it was ready to mount (the twine is just leftover from the card project!)

Then I placed the mirror behind the pillows to determine the correct height. I wanted the wood frame to sit above the pillows while the pillows covered the mirrored portion. Admittedly, I nailed three holes in the wall before I got the height just right. Maybe next time I will use a tape measure instead of eye balling it (duh!)

I love how it turned out. The room is small and so finding a way to have a headboard without making the bed stick out further into the room was essential. I love the contrast of the wood and the walls and the pillows. I also really like that this project was free and made use of a mirror that we really like but couldn't seem to find a place for.

This nightshift haven is coming together slowly but surely. We still need to install curtains, find a proper desk, mount the TV, and find some storage solutions for our office supplies. More to come in the next few weeks. 

Have you guys re-purposed any home items lately? What did you do?

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