Monday, July 28, 2014

Updating the look of the Kitchen

You know when something just isn't quite right? That is how I have felt about our kitchen for months!The kitchen is our biggest renovation project to date and feeling like something was off had me questioning the whole project.I  began looking through the pictures I originally picked out for the kitchen to try to identify where I drifted from those ideas. Turns out, the base for the kitchen: White Cabinets and Dark Flooring was all in line with the "feel" I wanted to achieve. 

Inspiration for the Kitchen:

When I layered an albeit pretty but red rug on the charcoal floors, the "feel" I was going for vanished. So I began the hunt for a rug that was a little more natural and neutral. What I love so much about decorating is that  little changes have big impact!

 I stumbled upon this rug at TJMaxx and knew it was the one. 

The black and natural fiber rug brings together the colors in the granite, cabinets and flooring while blending well with the look of our kitchen island. We are loving the new look of our kitchen. 

Small change = Big Impact!
Have you guys made any small changes that have had a big impact on your home?! 

<<<PS __ Ty and I celebrate 2 years married today! >>>>

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