Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Journey to Financial Freedom

This week I read a really inspiring blog about debt-free living by an equally inspiring couple. Ty and I find that they mirror a lot of the same ideas we have about financial freedom and wanted to share it with you! We especially love this excerpt from a recent blog entry...

The most sure path to financial freedom involves cutting expenses, not increasing income. In fact, it’s the only path. Income really doesn’t matter when you consistently blow it all like the average American consumer. When you are saving more than 50% of your income, as we do, you start to realize how quickly you can exit the rat race, or find a new career that you enjoy. - See more at:

Although Ty does work a 9 to 5 job and we don't save 50% of our income, our method to attaining financial freedom is the same: managing our expenses. During engagement, Ty and I really evaluated our finances by asking "what is enough?" The truth is we already have more than we need, and if we already have all that we need there is no higher income, no bigger house, or nicer car to aspire to. So we did a life analysis and started asking questions like: Do we really need an German sports car, or can we get by with an older car? We chose the older car. Do we really need to go out to dinner more than once a week? Probably not. Do we need a maid, cable, or brand new furniture? We opted for doing the cleaning ourselves, Netflix, and shopping on craigslist. Although these come at somewhat of a sacrifice, I don't get to drive my chic Audi anymore and Ty misses some of his beloved Alabama football games, they also come with great reward. By keeping our expenses low, we are able to give freely, eat healthy, maintain physically healthy bodies, and spend time ENJOYING what we have rather than chasing after what we don't. Hate to break it to the Joneses, but we've found a better way!

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