Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tips for Organizing the Play Area

This past week I had the pleasure of organizing a play area for two little girls. Their space is proof that you don't have to have a designated "playroom" to have a great play space.These are my best tips and tricks for giving kids a place to play and a space you will LOVE too!


I will help you rearrange your furniture to MAKE THE MOST of your space. You don't have to a huge space to have a great space. By creating a place for all of the toys, the kids now have a place to play.


1. Use Bins & Label Everything. If kids are old enough to read, label bins with words. If they are younger, it may be helpful to use pictures to assist them in finding and putting away their toys.

2. Open Up and Brighten Up the Space by Designating a Place for Everything. Before, there was limited floor space. By rearranging some of the furniture and investing in a table to house the computer supplies and printer, I increased the floor space and play well as spruced up the desk! I also added a larger lamp for the desk to brighten up this dark corner.



3. Make the most of Nooks & Corner Spaces. Although this window nook had some available storage, it didn't utilize the area to its full potential. By creating a window seat using storage ottomans, I created a seating area and added additional storage in this adorable nook!



4. Purchase Appropriately-sized Baskets. Finding the appropriate sized bins for your space can be difficult. Pick baskets that fit your space (like here, where they fit snugly under the console...measure before you go!)

Starting an organization project can be daunting, and that's where I come in! I will assess your needs, create a plan for the space, determine the items needed for a successful organization, and organize it all. 
Contact me at if you are interested in my organizing services. 

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