Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Organizing Office Supplies

The last and final piece to our Closet for a Cause is also the starting point to our whole closet organization project. (read more about that here). The planning phase of the organizing process is a crucial step in organizing. During the planning phase I listen to your needs, identify the purpose of the space and give guidance on organizing products that may be helpful in organizing yours space (think bins, boxes, etc). If you remember from the original plan, this project involved a bookshelf, labeled bins, and a file box.

When planning for organizing supplies, it is very important to measure your space before purchasing any items. Measure twice, cut once purchase once! After planning comes SORTING. This is often the most difficult part of organizing. I gently guide my clients in making thoughtful objective decisions about there things. For this particular project, we divided the items found in the closets into 6 different piles among the two closets.  Once we decided which items to keep, I further divided the keep pile into by grouping like items together: File Folders, Computer Paper, Envelopes, Paper Clips, etc. 

Now that the sorting is complete, it is time for me to determine a place for each item, and organize it in a way that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. 



Want an office supply closet as functional and pleasing to the eye as this one? Contact me at OrganizeNashville@gmail.com today!

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