Monday, March 3, 2014

Organizing Gift Wrap in a Small Closet

When a good friend of mine asked me to organize her closet for all of her Freedom's Promise gear, I was so excited. Freedom's Promise is a terrific organization that seeks to prevent human trafficking. I first traveled with Freedom's Healing (a subset of Freedom's Promise) in July 2011 for a medical mission trip to the country of Cambodia. Since then, I have remained connected with the organization and was delighted to use my organizational skills to help the cause. 

Here is the space to be organized:

And here are the boxes of files, office supplies, etc that need to be organized...

There are actually two identical closets in this bedroom which currently house personal items and soon, Freedom's Promise items. We really couldn't just organize the newly designated Freedom's Promise closet, without also organizing the other closet with the displaced personal items. 

Here is the other closet: currently housing gift wrapping supplies, some holiday items, and gifts

After assessing the items in both closets and discussing what my friend wanted from each closet, I came up with a plan for each closet. In the Freedom's Promise closet, we really needed shelving for storage of office supplies, files, folders, and bulk office supply items. 

Freedom's Promise Closet: BEFORE

Freedom's Promise Closet: THE PLAN


The personal closet is also within the guest room, and needs hanging space for guests to use when visiting. It is also a storage spot for extra gifts and gift wrapping supplies, as well as a pack-n-play and small highchair. The plan is to use the vertical space as well as the flat surfaces within the closet to maximize functionality. By using the door for gift wrap organization, similar to this idea, we will free up valuable hanging space. I decided to use large canvas bins for the closet shelves to house sheets and other items guests may need during there stay. For the gifts, I chose decorative baskets that sit on the floor of the closet and are easily accessible. The remaining items tuck nicely in the corner of the closet, out of site but not out of reach.

Up first, enacting my plan to solve the Gift Wrap Dilemma in the Personal Closet. 
If you have a wrapping paper problem (or any other organizing crisis!), I would love to help you solve it!
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If you would like more information on Freedom's Promise, 
or if you are interested in donating to support the prevention of human trafficking

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