Monday, March 31, 2014

How to Organize Gift Wrap

If you missed the planning post, here is a quick overview of what is to be done with the two closets in this space: one that will soon be designated a personal closet for gift wrap storage and another is our Closet for a Cause for all of the Freedom's Promise files and office supplies. Today we are going to focus on solving the Gift Wrap Storage Dilemma.

The planning phase of the organizing process is a crucial step in organizing. During the planning phase I listen to your needs, identify the purpose of the space and give guidance on organizing products that may be helpful in organizing yours space (think bins, boxes, etc). Here is the list of supplies to solve our gift wrap dilemma:

1. Gift Wrap Door Organizer
2. Large Basket(s) for extra Gifts
3. Large Baskets for Bulk Storage in Personal Closet

Step three in the Organizing Process: SORTING
This is often the most difficult part of organizing. I gently guide my clients in making thoughtful objective decisions about there things. For this particular project, we divided the items found in the closets into 6 different piles among the two closets.

● SHRED: papers that need to be shredded (generally only those with personal info)
● GIVE/DONATE: items that you no longer need but are nice enough for others to use (this
includes not only items for Goodwill but also items for grown children, relatives, etc)
● FILE: papers that need to be filed
● KEEP: items that belong in other rooms of your home (for example, the holiday items that are going in the other closet)
● KEEP: items that need to be organized in the closets - further divide into what needs to go into the "personal" closet and what goes into the "freedom's promise" closet
● TRASH (use a trash bag or LARGE trash can!)

Now that the sorting is complete, it is time for me to determine a place for each item, and organize it in a way that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. 

BEFORE: Gift Wrap Pre-Organization

AFTER: Gift Wrap Organized



Have lots of rolls of wrapping paper? This organization system is great for that too. The shelving can be altered to fit the height of up to 8 rolls of wrapping paper. If you have a gift wrap dilemma (or any other organizing crisis for that matter), I would love to help you solve it!

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