Monday, March 10, 2014

Decorating our Den

Everyone needs a space they can feel tucked away in their own home. A nook, a quiet spot, a chair that is just for them. A place to experience peace, and to step away for a moment. I have had trouble finding my "zen place" in our new home, until I created it during my decorating frenzy on Monday! You may recognize this room from our painting preview.It originally housed our pretty camel-back green sofa from the condo. 

This room is beautiful - lots of natural light, huge windows on both side, easy access to the kitchen. My first thought was to turn this area into a more formal sitting room where people could enjoy a cocktail before dinner, or sit and chat it big lush chairs. So I created a space JUST like that...

BUT  here's the thing...Ty and I just aren't this formal.We don't love sitting upright and sipping our tea and cocktails. I want to sit NEXT TO my friends in sweat pants, drinking coffee and watching a movie. So, although this room is beautiful, it just wasn't fitting my needs. I needed a place to feel tucked away. I wanted to create a space that I could have my quiet time, my favorite book, a cup of coffee, and enjoy the company of friends. Nothing formal or fancy, just comfortable, inviting and cozy. 
SO with those things in mind - I leave you in suspense until my next post!

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