Monday, February 10, 2014

Installing a New Vanity & Faucet in Our Retro Blue Bathroom

We got you attention, huh? Whoa baby....It's time for the Bathroom REVEAL!
 (that pregnancy test was found during our clean out and does not belong to us but someone who lived here before...sorry to dissappoint! no comment on how gross it was to find this)

The Plan (BEFORE)

As you saw here, we have already scoured the bathroom, cleaned the grout and freshened the paint. Next step, remove the old vanity. We live in a home built in 1950, and while many things have been updated, this bathroom (until now!) is one of those things. The sink did not have a shut off valve to the water supply so we had to first turn the water off to the entire house. Then we removed the plumbing supply to the wall from the sink, and unbolted the sink from the wall.

After removing the sink top, we took apart the sink base, and then placed the whole thing on Craigslist for FREE! We find that this is easier than trying to sell it for a low price of $10 or paying a dump fee to properly dispose of something like this (it was gone within 3 hours!)

With the OLD SINK GONE, we were left with years of dirt to clean up (YUCK!). After cleaning up the mess, we measured for placement of the sink. The sink is to be centered on the white plumbing pipe so the faucet is centered on the light fixture and there is enough room to open the bathroom door, as well as still comfortably sit on the toilet. We measured each plumbing spot on the wall by measuring its height off the floor, and as well as distance from the midpoint. 

Then we took those calculations and applied them to the vanity so we could drill holes for the three pipes in the proper places. 

After the holes were drilled, we slid the vanity into place and installed shutoff valves for the hot and cold water. 

Just before sliding the vanity into its new home!

Next it was time to place the sink top onto the sink base. We used a silicone gel to hold the vanity in place. We placed a small line in each corner and at the base of the vanity against the floor tile for extra stability. 

 Post vanity top install! Next up, the faucet!

We chose a beautiful brushed nickel Pfister Faucet. 

Vanity (BEFORE): 

Vanity (AFTER):


We are so enjoying our fresh new space (AFTER): 

Paint the Ceiling, Trim & Walls
Repair Walls
Scrape and re-caulk tile
Clean grout
Paint Linen Closet & shelving
Replace light fixture
Replace/Repair shower hardware 
Refinish tub
Install NEW vanity (oh em gee, I cannot wait for this!)
Repair frame around linen closet... if we decide to keep the door off
Install towel hooks
Install new wood blinds for privacy
Purchase and hang white extra long shower curtain
Purchase new towels and a floor mat 
Install new vanity mirror

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  1. Just stumbled on to this post from Pinterest when I was trying to find ways to update my bathroom. We literally have the exact same bathroom! I had to look twice before realizing it wasn't ours. We live in Crieve hall so must have been the same builder. Thanks for the ideas!


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