Thursday, February 6, 2014

Updating our Retro Blue Bathroom.

...or was it? We spent one 8 hour day in our blue bathroom this weekend. It is incredible to see what 8 hours of scrubbing, spackling, and sanding can do to transform a space. Already our bathroom feels revitalized!

Here is a shot of the blue bathroom BEFORE:

I scrubbed the floors using a baking soda and bleach mixture. I would allow the thin paste to sit on the floor for 10 minutes, before using a grout scubber to clean the tiny grout spaces. (this seriously works! its two days later and the grout looks whiter and whiter each morning)


Grout AFTER:

All shiny and new.

I really wanted to open-up the bathroom. So we removed the door to the linen closet and started repairing the walls and painting the shelves. {since we are trialing this door-off-the-closet thing, you may notice that we did not repair the door hinge holes}

I used high-gloss trim paint for the shelving, trim and walls to give the linen closet a bright white feel that matched the trim in the rest of the bathroom.

I labeled the closet shelves as I removed the to ensure I could put them back in the right place once they were painted. 

Two coats and we were ready to install and decorate our new and improved shelves!

Ty spackled, sanded, and primed the majority of the wall space in the bathroom (if you remember from his project on that wall.... he used the same process for our blue bathroom). He also scraped the caulk tile/wall line and re-caulked the entire space. You wouldn't believe the difference a fresh bead of caulk makes!

Our bathroom may not be the city of Rome, but hey, we feel like kings in our snazzy new bath!

(Note: After 8 hours in the blue bathroom, we made a mad-Sunday-night-dash to Lowe's, we are nearing completion of the blue bathroom. More on that to come!)

Paint the Ceiling, Trim & Walls
Repair Walls
Scrape and re-caulk tile
Clean grout
Paint Linen Closet & shelving
Replace light fixture
Replace/Repair shower hardware 
Refinish tub
Install NEW vanity (oh em gee, I cannot wait for this!)
Repair frame around linen closet... if we decide to keep the door off
Install towel hooks
Install new wood blinds for privacy
Purchase and hang white extra long shower curtain
Purchase new towels and a floor mat 
Install new vanity mirror

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