Thursday, January 23, 2014

Organizing the Home Office: Part 1

Before we started this office organization project, my client was running on E. Have you ever felt this way?Do you feel this way today? A disordered space TAKES AWAY from our ability to find peace and restoration in our home...which is exactly what this particular client desires.


My client has a GREAT work space but over time the room became more stressful than work-full. Within the actual office, multiple desk areas and horizontal spaces were a haven for messy paperwork. My client had migrated to other areas of the house to work. There was no ability to shut the door and turn off the lights at the end of the day because work was in the kitchen when she went to make dinner, and in the family room where she reads or watches TV. This is a common issue in work-from-home spaces that serve dual functions.


When I asked my client what she wanted from the space, she said "creative, functional, and pretty."
Taking into account her specific needs for the space, I went home and came up with this design plan:

 With a plan in place, we began Day #1 of organizing the office. I started the actual organizing process by first designating items into 6 categories: TO FILE, TO SHRED, GIVE/DONATE, KEEP (items for the office), KEEP (items that belong elsewhere in the home), and TRASH areas.

BEFORE: Home Office Bookshelves 

Since this room was mostly dominated by papers, I gave my client the task of sorting papers into FILE, SHRED and TRASH categories while I sorted more obvious items.

By the end of day one, my client gave away over 150 fabric books to help a new Watkins Interior Design student. She threw away an entire contractor size bag of trash. And had three FULL baskets of magazines ready to RECYCLE. It was a momentous first day thanks to my client's hard work and willingness to let things go.

End of Day One: SORTING

More PROGRESS to come on Organizing this Home Office in Day #2,
and the gorgeous FINAL REVEAL!
Stay Tuned...

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