Monday, January 20, 2014

How to turn a Basket into Art

Well, we are just about out of juice on the kitchen, so we are mixing it up a little this week with the latest work on our Guest Room: DIY Wall Art. My original design board (seen below) had hints of coral and brown to blend with the already Sea Salt Blue of the walls and white bedding, until... 

I stumbled upon these amazing Tahari baskets! I was instantly inspired to use them as wall art.

Here's HOW I made easy Basket Wall Art!
1) In order to hang them properly, I used kraft (is this spelled with a c or a k?! I'll never know!) paper to trace the outline of each basket.
2) I put my pencil through the center whole to mark the center of the tracing circle.
3) Cut out each tracing. 

4) Then using painter's tape I was able to adjust them on the wall until I found the perfect spot of each one. (some trial and error happened first!)

This also made it easy to hang each basket. 
5) Using tack nail, hammer the nail in at the spot previously marked (center of the circle) with the pencil. Leave the nail sticking out about a half of an inch. 
6) Tear off the craft paper from around the nail. 
7) Place basket on the nail by pushing the center of the basket on top of the nail. Then hammer the nail further into the wall to secure the basket fully.

TA-DAH! Easy DIY Wall Art
(AND The perfect reading nook for our guests!)

We put the finishing touches on the guest room next week! Stay tuned:)

Have any of you found any unique pieces for wall art inspiration lately?!
Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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