Monday, January 27, 2014

My Philosophy on Organizing

With the Home Offfice Organization Part 1 under our belts, my client and I headed into Day #2 with high hopes for an organized office. Both days were filled with lots of decision making by my client, as she consistently weighed whether or not keeping something truly ADDed to her goals for her office (and even her life, at times) or TOOK AWAY from that vision. With that said, Day #2 directly correlated with my philosophy on home organization. 

The reason I like organizing may not be as benign as it seems. Yes, I like to make things look pretty. I LOVE seeing the immediate fruits of my labor which is so easily done when organizing a space. I also don't mind throwing things away. And there is that rush I get when I enter a mess and know that I can FIX IT. The REAL REASON I want to help others organize their stuff is a matter of the heart

Our outward circumstances are often a reflection of our inward selves. Life IS BUSY and MESSY and IMPERFECT. Very much like us. When that all becomes too much to handle (or something unpredictable throws a wrench in our plans), our inwardly tangled souls start to spill out into other areas of our lives, often creating clutter. Clutter/Chaos/Disorder (whatever you would like to name it) can be found in marriages, in families, in friendships and most outwardly in homes! I want to help others start working toward cleaning up  clutter in the most outwardly obvious area of their lives: their homes. I enter with hopes that a change of heart in this area will be pervasive into other areas as well.

So how do we start digging into this matter of the heart? I believe the best place to start is actually by ZOOMING OUT. Out of the room that is so messy you shut the door and walk away filled with anxiety every time you open it. Zoom out of the overwhelming idea of moving all of the stuff in your bigger home to a small one. Out of the panic-stricken moment when you realize that once AGAIN you can't find that bill, those keys or that receipt. Away from the shame-filled pit in your stomach as you ask yourself "why are all these boxes still unpacked when I have lived here for over a year?"

We are moving away from all of those notions, and on to something greater.
and some may even ask, WHAT IS THE LIFE GOD IS CALLING ME TO?

Now those are lofty questions but the answers are usually simpler than we think.

They DO require thought. They most likely require PRAYER. And they should cause you to BE STILL and remember what you started out to do when you started that business, bought that house, had your first child, got married, started that job. I will share my list with you. I start from "What do you LOVE?" because I believe the good and pure things (not the worldly "things") I love are a reflection of the desires God places in my heart.

I LOVE... Jesus; My husband, Ty; My family and friends; My job as a nurse; Organizing and Making things beautiful; Taking care of our home; Climbing. Now I am not perfect in this by any means. My house is still a wreck at times, and there are days when I become unglued at the drop of a hat BUT when my inward self starts to feel stressed, anxious, or sad I ask myself:

Do the things I am doing ADD or TAKE AWAY from the VISION for my life?

When it comes to a CLUTTERED HOME, most people would say that it TAKES AWAY from their vision for their life and their home.With the LARGER PICTURE at hand, getting rid of things like papers, books, magazines that have been read, and even some of the 100 baby outfits your firstborn child wore becomes a little bit easier. You have a GOAL, a VISION, and a BIGGER desire which is truly a matter of the heart.

{Cant wait? Here is the Home Office Organization Final Reveal}

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