Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bookshelf Styling Tips & Tricks

Our past two places (one & two) have not had any built ins, so when we stumbled upon our new home and it had a small little nook with shelves I was so excited. (Almost) Built ins at last! The green paint and tattered shelving were a lot to see through, but I knew the shelves had potential.

Here are my tips & trips for gorgeous bookshelf styling: 
  1. A crisp glossy trim and the right color paint.  
  2. Less is More. Clear off your shelves first, and start from scratch. Display only items you love. 
  3. Vary your objects. A great mix of objects and books is essential. 
  4. Add framed photos and art.
  5. Use baskets to hide clutter.
  6. Mix up your books. Vertical & Horizontal or Both!
  7. Inject odd-ball objects for contrast.
  8. Add Something green. 

Happy Styling!

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