Monday, April 21, 2014

Unlocking Craigslist

I often get the question "how do you find such great stuff on craigslist?"
Shortly followed by the comment "all I find is junk!" Well today, I am unlocking all of my secrets to craigslist shopping. for the greater good of all of us shopping on a budget.
I cannot wait to hear about all you guys find!

Adorable Pair of Chairs found on Clist

Secret #1: 
Search, Search, and Search Again.

Look for the same thing at least 3 different ways. 
Everyone thinks differently, calls things by different names - use this to your advantage.

For example, if I am looking for a sofa I would search: SOFA, COUCH, LIVING ROOM, LOVESEAT.

Search "COUCH"

Search "Living Room"

Search "Sofa"

The results are completely different with each search, and reveal many more items.

Secret #2: 
Check Craigslist Often & Early!

I love the Ipad Craigslist App because it remembers your search history. I can search the last 20 things I have looked through in about 20 minutes. I look about every other day in the morning to see what new stuff has posted - this ensures that I get the good stuff first!

Secret #3:
Search for high end brand names.
Don't just search "chair." 
Search: Pottery Barn, West Elm, Ballards. This applies to posting ads as well.

Secret #3.5: 
Don't just search big box retailers, search local well-known furniture companies too. 
For example, in Nashville, Sprintz Furniture is one of the largest retailers of nice furniture. I often search "Sprintz" to see what people are selling because I know it will most likely be higher quality items.

Which is exactly how we found this custom made sofa for our living room and the grey trellis rug...

Secret #4: 
Don't limit your search by price! 
Most items on Craigslist are negotiable and marked much higher than they will actually sell for. Be willing to negotiate with the seller. Make a reasonable offer with the expectation that they may reject it or counter with a higher offer. Don't be afraid to ask!

Our CList Farmhouse Table. Accented by store-bought Parsons Chairs.

Secret #5 
Search wealthier sub-cities of your area. 
When a for sale ad is posted, the poster indicates a specific location. Search for those specific locations - I find that wealthier areas of the city tend to have higher quality items.

Secret #6: 
Unless you are at a sale at the crack of dawn on a Friday morning, all of the good stuff for an estate or moving sale is gone. Often times these sales are listed on CList early and you can avoid striking out, or even can purchase items before the sale. This is the best way to get the best picks of the sale!

Like our ESTATE Sale Buffet table:

The Secret is Out! Now get to searchin'~
I love hearing about thrifty finds - craigslist, freebies, thrift stores, you name it - so share them in the comments section below! have questions? Feel free to email us as well.
Can't wait to hear about all your awesome finds!

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