Friday, February 21, 2014

How To Repair a Broken Blind

This broken blind has been staring glaring at us since we moved in. We finally got tired of its dirty looks, and set out to repair it. {Little did we know, those looks could have been avoided had we taken 10 minutes to repair it} Here is HOW TO repair a broken blind.

1. Find the rubber stopper at the bottom of the each track of the blinds, and remove it.

2. Untie the knotted string found beneath the rubber stopper. {Depending on how many tracks your blinds have, you may have to do this 2, 3, or 4 times} We did this for both tracks.

3. Pull the string through each blind until you get to the broken individual blind. Remove broken blind.

4. Take an undamaged blind from the bottom row of the blinds. Insert the undamaged blind into the broken blind's spot.{move the broken blind to a bottom less-noticeable spot}

5. Thread the string through both tracks of the blinds until you reach the bottom. Retie the tie knot and replace the stopper.



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