Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY Abstract Art

I have been searching  for the PERFECT back splash for our kitchen sink. My mom, who is an amazing interior designer, suggested I pick out a piece of abstract art. After seeing a few example canvases online (and their prices!), I thought... I CAN DO THAT!

I started with a canvas I acquired at a Sips and Strokes Bachelorette Party earlier this year. Needless to say, that artwork did not turn out to be a masterpiece, BUT the background color is perfect for my space!


Acrylic Paints
A Variety of Paint Brushes
A place to mix your paints.
I use a paper plate covered in aluminum foil (makes clean up a breeze!)
A Drop cloth. 
I use an old fitted twin sheet to cover our rectangular kitchen table. 
The elastic corners keep the sheet from sliding. 


First, I covered the existing artwork in a similar blue color.

After that, the fun begins! 
The best part about abstract art is it can look any way you wish.
I just kept layering paint and colors until it came out just right.

This project cost me a whopping $0 as I already had all of the supplies. 

I am SO PROUD of how this turned out.
What a BIG difference this SMALL piece of artwork makes in our kitchen!


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