Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Look Inside the Bag of a Professional Organizer

I always dreamed of having a bag as practically perfect as the one Mary Poppin's carries. She would have been a great professional organizer. I recently bought my first "work bag." And the whole time I couldn't get her out of my head. It had me thinking, what do other people carry in their work bags? Mothers of infants most likely have an extra diaper or two; Nurses carry stethoscopes & pen lights; and businessmen seem to be rather minimal: Computer, notebook, pen. 

I am almost a year into professional organizing and have found that having just the right thing is a wonderful bonus to offer to my clients. A stray key that needs a ring, A bin that needs labeling, A lamp that needs securing. Two second fixes that rid you of nagging problems for good! 
Here is what's in my bag. I can't wait to see whats hidden in yours!

1. LABEL MAKER. No professional organizer can leave home without it. Even if you are not in this profession, I would seriously consider investing in one. It can make life so much easier. Not only do you know what is inside that bin or this box, but it also helps others know where to put stuff. No more, "I would have put it away but I didn't know where it goes." Each shelf, bin & basket can be labeled for your family's convenience. A space, a place, and a label for everything!

2. FURNITURE POLISH WIPES. These come in handy and are a part of my organizing process. Once the shelves are cleared and the items are sorted, I dust off any of the shelves or tabletops prior to returning items. A light dusting never hurt anyone.

3. A BALL OF YARN. This is great for binding linens, attaching a label or tying your shoes. 

4. SCOTCH TAPE. Don't leave home without it. This office supply essential has been around since the 1930s for a reason.

5.  SHARPIEs & a PENCIL. Leaving my mark in a variety of colors, widths, and mediums. 

6. Command ANYTHING.This is my go-to product for hooks. Whether it be a broom, an apron or holiday garland, these strips are great. I love that they are removable, non-damaging, and hold fast to daily life. For more great ideas on making the most of command hooks look no further than this article.

7. PRICE LABELS. Attaching a dollar sign to an item often makes letting go a little easier. In a matter of minutes, I can have an entire garage labeled and ready for sales. 

8. CHALKBOARD TAGS & 9. CHALKBOARD PEN. Wonder how people can write in chalk so well? I did too! Some people may spend years honing their chalk-writing skills, I bought this pen. Plus I love the look of the chalkboard labels and the fact that it is easy to change the tag if need be. 

10. KEY RINGS. Whether entrusted with the key to a client home or wrangling an unruly set of loose keys, these little key rings are fabulous. 


12. STICKY STUFF. This stuff is great. Similar to the command hooks, it sticks to your stuff without damaging it on removal. Great for keeps that plant or lamp from being knocked over or a bin from sliding. I love that sticky stuff!

I am starting to feel a bit like Mary herself, if only I had a lamp and spoonful of sugar!
What do YOU keep in your work bag? 
Are you a minimalist businessman, a busy mom, or a Mary Poppins-type? 

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