Monday, July 7, 2014

How to make Lifesize Jenga

It wouldn't be a holiday for us without a little DIY projecting. Ty built life-size Jenga for our 4th of July festivities and it was a hit! Here is HOW he made the game.

6 - 96" inch 2x4s
Miter Saw
Tape Measure
Marking Pencil

Step 1: Measure and mark 10.5" inches from the end of one 2x4. 
Step 2: Cut at 10.5" mark on 2x4

Step 3: Measure your first cut to ensure it is the proper 10.5" length.
Step 4: Using the first cut as a guide, repeat steps 1 -3 until you have 54- 10.5" blocks.
Step 5: Stack the blocks in rows of three in alternating directions for a total of 18 rows

You are ready to PLAY!

Lifesize Jenga Rules 

1.  Using 54 blocks make a 18 story tower, with 3 blocks per story.  Each story being perpendicular to the stores above and below it.

1. Remove one block from any row below the highest completed story and stack the block on top perpendicular to the story below. (Some play only removing blocks below the top three stories)
2. Remove and stack one block per turn (Using only one hand at a time)
3. You are allows to tap blocks to find loose one for removal, but if you move one that you don't intend to remove, you must put it back before removing another.
4. Always complete each story with 3 blocks, before starting a new story.
5. Your turn lasts 10 seconds after you place your block on top of the tower or when the next player touches the tower.

1. Keep taking turns untill someone topples the tower.  The last player to stack a block without toppling the tower wins!

Be careful ....
A tower built of 2x4's can't hurt if it lands on you, especially when wearing open toe shoes.

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