Monday, June 2, 2014

How To Plant an Herb Garden

I planted my very first herb garden this spring. Here's HOW I did it!
1. Choose a planter and the herbs you would like to plant. 
I chose Basil (to make yummy pesto!), Rosemary, Parsley, and Cilantro.

2. Prepare the soil.

I accidentaly purchased enriched soil instead of potting soil. (This may explain why my front porch plant didn't make it) Oops! So we used some of this enriched soil as filler and then used some of the fertile dirt already in the flower bed. We mixed that together to create a rich environment for the herbs to take root. 
Moral of the story: BUY POTTING SOIL

3. Evenly space your herbs within the pot or bed. 

4. Dig a hole the width and depth of the herb to be planted. 

5. Place herb in the hole. 

I used herbs that did not have to be un-potted for planting. 
I simply had to tear the bottom of the biodegradable pot off the 
bottom and place those remnants in the hole. 

6. Tightly pack the herbs in place ensuring that the base of the herb is even with the soil line.

7. Water!

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