Friday, June 6, 2014

Our Seattle Trip Recommendations

Ty and I took a fantastic trip to Seattle a few weeks back. We walked, ate, and climbed our way through the city while dodging rain drops. We were able to get some excellent recommendations for places to eat, and see - and even had our old neighbors (who now live in Seattle) for tour guides.
Here is our trip in pictures for you to enjoy (with a complete list of places we recommend at the end)!

First Night: Wine and Cheese Flights at Purple

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Day#1: Downtown Shopping & Touring

Lola Cafe - one of the many Tom Douglas Restaurants in Seattle
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Pike's Market
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The FIRST Starbucks
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Tourist Staple: Piroshky Piroshky
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Riding the Seattle Great Wheel
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Day #2: Bainbridge Ferry and Wine Tastings

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Day #3: Touring the Space Needle & Top Pot Donuts

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We walked all over the city, and even met a troll hiding under a bridge.

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Day #4: Leaving the City for Leavenworth

So long Seattle, until next time!

We Recommend...
Wine and Cheese Flytes at Purple
Fancy Steak Dinner at Miller's Guild
Lola (or any Tom Douglas restaurant for that matter) - try the octopus breakfast special
Pike's Market - Eat your way through & buy flowers!
Enjoy a brew from the First Starbucks
Go Shopping: Banana Republic, Niketown and REI Flagship store were our favorites
Eat a Piroshky
The Black Bottle for tapas - try the oxe tail, its delicious!
Belle Epicurean for breakfast - REAL French bakery and the BEST Macaroons
Take the Bainbridge Ferry (schedule here) and see Seattle from the Bay
Enjoy wine tastings in Bainbridge
Visit the Space Needle
Enjoy Momiji Sushi on Capitol Hill - its the best in town
Trace for drinks after dinner
Go to Leavenworth and eat at Good Mood Food

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