Friday, June 27, 2014

Client Project: Organizing a Cluttered Desk

I met my client a few months back for our initial session. She is a free spirited lovely lady who desperately needed a space for herself and her work. As a mother of four, creating a space that was JUST for her seemed impossible - that's where I come in! After talking about her ideas for her desk and the room in general, it was obvious that this selfless lady needed a space all her own - one that was inviting, peaceful, creative, and most of all clutter free. 


My main priorities were to create a space for everything and to consolidate all of her work items into one area of the house. She also wanted a space that was "her." Filled with pictures of her kids, accomplishments, family photos, and inspirational quotes. 

Desk Shelving: BEFORE

  I had my client order a few organizational items: A plastic mat for her desk chair to roll on (carpet flooring), a stand for her printer to open up the desk space, and a bulletin board.

Desk & File Cabinet: BEFORE

Another piece to this organizing puzzle is finding a way to tame the paper. I feel like we are in a transitional time period where most of us can access all of the documentation for bank statements, receipts, etc online but we are still holding onto the paper documentation out of habit and fear that "we might need it." I LOVE using this simple chart as a guide to taming the paper. 

One other strategy is to GO PAPERLESS whenever you have the choice. It is a lot easier to sort through your mail when you have less of it coming at you. In my client's office we also create a place for her to put items "to be filed." One for her and one for her husband. 

Went from this...BEFORE

To this....AFTER

Setting limits is helpful. For example, when the inbox is full its time to sort and file. Because the inbox is a manageable size, it is not intimidating and you know that it will take around 15-20 minutes to sort (totally doable!) My client also wanted her space to be pleasing to the eye. So instead of having her tapes and computer software visible, we moved it to the unused space where the computer tower use to live.


I finished organizing her space by displaying the items she selected to make her space feel like peaceful and inviting. Here are the dramatic results:



It is so much easier to work in a space that is clutter free & inviting

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