Monday, May 12, 2014

Planting Privacy Trees

We told someone we were planting trees in our yard. He said "that is so nice to pay it forward like that." I never thought of it that way --- and it is a nice thing, endearing in fact. But in case you missed our confession post last week, I'll just go ahead and fess up to this too: 
These are PRIVACY trees, NOT pay-it-forward trees. 

I digress. These puppies were planted a few weekends back. In the summer when the yard is flourishing we have great coverage from the road, but this winter we noticed it was a little bare. You guys know we are always operating on a budget, and this time we REALLY needed to find the biggest bang for our buck - insert: Green Giant Trees. 

These trees are estimated to grow THREE FEET per year and are sure to block out noise, traffic view, neighbors, peeping toms.  Not only that, they are hardy and do not require much care. They also are not prone to bugs/insects/disease like some trees are. So hopefully this view will be much more private by next year. 

Down to Planting: HOW WE DID IT! Originally we thought we would need an auger, but when we saw how large a four-foot tree actually is, Ty quickly realized that a shovel would do. (Pocketed $60 bones right there!) 

1. Determine placement. These particular trees get huge. It is recommended  to plant each tree 5 to 10 feet apart. We chose 6 feet.

2.  Dig a whole as deep as the bulb and twice as wide.

3. Place the root ball into the hole, ensuring that the truck of the tree is above or equal to the soil line 
(aka ground level). 

4. Pack in the soil tightly around each tree.

5. Cut binding around tree and water each tree for 20 seconds per day for the first few weeks until the trees are established.

6. Use pine straw or mulch around each tree to help the trees retain moisture.

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