Monday, May 19, 2014

How To Style a Coffee Table Like A Pro

If I have learned anything about decorating a room, it is that a room is built over time. Layer by Layer.

First Layer = Flooring and Furniture
Second Layer = Lighting 
Third Layer = Pillows and Poufs
Fourth Layers  = Accessorizing and Artwork

(and of course before ANY of this you must come up with a PLAN)

We are entering the fourth stage of our living room design (yes, after the chair debacle things have moved along quite rapidly) and I am SO EXCITED. Accessorizing and detailing is my favorite part of a room. Not only does it signal the room is almost finished (does that ever actually happen?!), but its where the room becomes more than THE living room but MY living room - it gets a personality.
So today I am giving you a quick tutorial on dressing your coffee table for success. 


First and foremost, SHOP your house. I highly suggest keeping all of your decorative items in one spot. That way you can go to that cabinet, armoire, or closet and literally "shop" for the things you need to freshen up your space. This is one of the best ways to know and use what you have. It keeps you from feeling like you need to purchase something, and you can instantly change the look and feel of a space by using whatcha got.

The Elements of a Well-Styled Coffee Table

Why it works?

Something to Provide Height + Something Decorative + A Stack of Books + Something Floral 
= A Well-Styled Coffee Table
  • Each item provides its own unique element of style but also connects to the other items on the table.
  • The floral arrangement provides both height and adds a fresh feel in this case. You can use a separate item to provide height like a hurricane jar with a candle or candle sticks.

  • Odd numbers work best - notice there are three items on the right side and four on the left for a total of 7. 
  • Balance. The tray is used to contain the three items on the right and balances the books with the books on the left.
  • Use like or complementary colors. Notice everything is similar to the colors within the room. It is okay to use one wacky or out of place object/color to give it personality, but try to blend everything by using like colors. 

  • Find something small to ground your books - a small decorative object like a paperweight, ceramic animal, magnifying glass or a candle (seen here).

Something to Provide Height + Something Decorative + A Stack of Books + Something Floral 
= A Well-Styled Coffee Table

Now its your turn! 
Use the simple formula above to create your own beautiful coffee table decor. 
I would love to see how yours turns out! Post in the comments below or feel free to email me at!

Get the Look (Sources):
Books: Domino (found here), Emily Post's Etiquette (found here), African Hunter (Ty's from childhood)
Metallic Tray: West Elm Lacquer Tray
Silver Decorative Item: Ty's Mom's Silver Set
Ceramic Jar with Blue Accent: West Elm
Vase for Flowers: Restoration Hardware Small Zinc Glass Jar (no longer available) 
but you can find similar jars here
Hydrangeas: Faux floral arrangement from Color (local Nashville shop) but you can also find them here

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