Monday, May 5, 2014

Finding the Right Chairs for the Living Room

I may have gotten a touch obsessive about finding living room chairs. I really wanted to find THE PERFECT chairs for our living room. You see, our living room is rather large, but also rather narrow. It is also open on both sides - from the dining room and the front entry. I did not want to block the flow of the room in either direction while also allowing for a conversation style seating and the ability to view the TV. A TALL order!

Toward the Entry

Toward the Dining Room

I used Houzz to find living room arrangements that were like my own, and came up with a plan for how to arrange the room. The original plan was to mount the TV above the fireplace, and have two fireside chairs sittting directly across from the sofa.

Although I really liked these wing chairs that were hauled all the way here from GA!, we were unsure about mounting the TV over the fireplace and felt like the set up did not fully take advantage of the big space in the room. So I went back to the drawing board. I will make a VERY long story short at this point. Around the fourth pair of chairs and a small stent in counseling  I became discouraged, starting to dislike our living room altogether, and generally wanted to give up on finding the perfect chairs.

The Use Whatcha Got Chairs. 
Originally I wanted to recover my existing club chairs 
but I could never find a fabric I loved for both chairs.

Vintage Pair of Craiglist Chairs - 
These barely made it home before I posted them back on Clist because they were too low and too small (although quite adorable)

Cream Club Chairs from 
These look great but the room became unbalanced on the right side of the fireplace, 
and the chairs were too big to sit side by side.

Pair Floral Chairs from Pier 1
These were returned within an hour of purchasing them for being too blue.

Pair of Henry Bertoia Chairs. 
I thought these would add the perfect Mid-Century vibe, 
but again these were also too small when seated next to our large sofa.

Six pairs of chairs later, I was STILL unsatisfied with the look of the room. Would our living room EVER look right? Would this chair debacle end in terrible tragedy? I was beginning to think so. Until...
I found the perfect living room chairs for 20% off while perusing a local furniture shop.

I felt like Tom Hanks in Cast Away... 

And the living room (and me) lived happily ever after...


I hope this encourages all of you when you don't get it right the first time... I don't either!
The story of this room is a long one, but I am so happy to finally have gotten it just right!


  1. Nice room! What happened to the white bertoia chairs?

    1. Thanks ModFrugal! The White Bertoia chairs were put on Craigslist and sold for the same price I purchased them for. I tried to come up with a plan to use them in another part of the house, but at the time I had three pairs of chairs to deal with - the ones I kept, and two other rejects!

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