Friday, November 15, 2013

Kitchen Renovation: Tiling the Kitchen Floor Part 2

24 hours later, the thinset and hardibacker are begging for tile! 

First things first, it is time to create a grid. With Lilli's help, I started by measuring the longest wall, found its midpoint and marked it. I did the same on the opposite wall. Next, I snapped a chalk line between the two midpoints using Irwin Strait-line. I repeated this for the other two walls as well. 

Next, I had to determine whether or not the room was actually square. From the intersection of the two lines, I marked one of the lines at 3 ft. Then I measured and marked the other line 4 ft from the intersection.
The distance between the two marks should be 5 ft if the room is square.
Who knew tiling would require so much high school math? 

Moment of Truth: 5 feet...Hooray! Our room is square.
Time to Tile.
After trialing several layouts (and a vote on instagram!), we opted for a classic brick pattern.

And so the tile laying began. 

We started in the right lower corner in the room, and worked in quadrants. 
Ty cut & measured tiles while I laid thinset and placed each tile. 

Despite buying an extra case of tile and improperly cutting ONE tile, 
we were short ONE TILE at the end of a very long night! 

This portion of the project took a solid 8 hours, but we officially have a kitchen floor. 
We are tired and happy.
Goodnight all!

We want to see your work too!
Show us your tiling skills or some of the home projects you have been working on!
(leave comments/pix below)


  1. The floors look awesome!! Where did you get the tile?

    1. Thank you!! We got the tile at Lowe's and I believe they still stock it. It is Galvano Charcoal Tile. Price point is great too. Good luck with your project!


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