Friday, July 26, 2013

How To Update a Dated Brass Fireplace

Remember this from our first honey do list?

A few days in our new home, and the eye sore in the living room had to go. 
I'm talking the crass brass on our fireplace. 
Turns out this project was 10 times easier than I thought it would be because 
the brass plate simply detached from the fireplace and revealed (sooty but beautifuL) marble!

Next, my mom & I went to work vacuuming & sweeping  out the soot & debris from the interior.

We wanted to be careful not to scratch the marble so we used dish rags, mild dish-washing soap, and Bar Keeper's Friend to scrub the excess glue & soot.

Then it was scrubbing time! 

The finished product! 
There are still some yellowed spots but the sunlight should naturally bleach the marble so it is bright & white.

Now to do one of my favorite things...
Cross it off the Living Room list!

  • Paint Walls Revere Pewter with a white(ish) trim.
  • Update Fireplace (aka get rid of the yucky outdated brass)
  • Add built-ins with a place for the TV

Bye Bye Brass! 

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